Pre-Major Project Progress Critique

This day workshop gave me good practice in thinking about transitions between scenes. It was also really useful to see how much can be done with only one element – since this video only consists of about 4 animated elements. It’s made me keen to start manipulating my images using video editing software to see how far I can take my currently quite safe and realistic animations.

This was my first completed clip and I really like how it turned out. The flashing face feels like a pulse, which is a feature I’d like to continue with come the films completion in the Final Major Project. This has also got me thinking about soundtrack, (this particular clip uses music from a popular artist), as I’d like to be able to find – or possibly make – copyright-free music to work with further.

Still quite a novice at Blender, I had a go at playing with the physics functions on the program to see what I could create. I used a sample head shape and was interested to see if I could use the program to my advantage in some way, perhaps when I need to make a more complex, abstract animation that cannot be aided by videography alone.

A recurring feature I wish to include in my final film is the presence of an anonymous character portrayed through medical gloves, meant to represent at a base level the surgeon/doctors. Throughout the process of my surgery and recovery I have been constantly poked and prodded, and thought was interesting to see how much I could manipulate the face using facial expressions alone. Though this clip is not finished yet, I do like how the face and hands alternate between appearing, yet you can still follow the movement continuously.

Here I parodied Rossetti’s ‘Venus Verticordia’ by replacing model Alexa Wilding’s face with my own. Though the clip is currently a bit too fast I think it is progressing well and I’m excited to finish it completely. My next task is to finalise the pacing and finish the background flowers.

Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 11.15.15

This is a sketch from another Rossetti painting also featuring the model Alexa Wilding. Similarly to my other Rossetti parodied animation, I simply replaced her face with my own with a purposefully neutral expression, as well as a couple subtle changes like the bracelet to add a bit more of myself into the painting. I’m not sure if I will animate this one as it will be quite complex with many more elements, so I think it will be a matter of if I have extra time after prioritising other clips.

This is a very unfinished clip but gives a good idea for what I am planning for more hectic or dramatic sections of my animation. I still have a lot of frames left to draw but I will keep a degree of the flashing in and out feeling like I have with my previous clips. For this example I have sped the footage up a couple of times to show how I can use the animation in a variation of different ways and atmospheres.

What’s next…

Below are some images I have been collecting that I have found online with which I draw inspiration from for the next portion of animations I am about to start. I am keen to explore more metaphorical and interesting sequences rather than just images of my face, and am keen to have fun with more experimental and imaginative imagery.


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