Reflection and Progress Evaluation

In terms of my Investigate Study, I am feeling pretty positive so far. My current draft is about 2,000 words long so I’m feeling confident as far as time restraints go – I just hope I haven’t gone too far off topic. I’m really enjoying the research portion of the essay as I jump to any excuse to indulge myself in my favourite artist. I must ensure I fully communicate my own ideas and opinions just as clearly as I do with my case studies. I think I am making solid progress at the current pace I am working at, and I am excited to receive more helpful feedback and suggestions at my seminar in a couple of days.

My progress for my Pre-Major Project is less advanced, however; though I have lots of animated clips in progress and waiting for completion, yet I find myself stuck in a creative block. I am beginning to work on some new footage and find interest in new imagery, but I am hesitant to add another five or so items to my ‘to do’ list when I predictably lose steam again in a few weeks. I am well aware that I need to think more imaginatively and push my work further towards surrealism where I feel my subject matter would well suit. I need to find the energy to push through the block and get stuck in fun and creative imagery, regardless of any technological knowledge or capability restraints I may currently concern myself over.

I would like to get a good chunk of progress work finished in time for my critique and have sketches for future ideas prepared to show my intentions with where I’d like my work to progress to. I should also start to chop my sequences together so that I can start to piece together some sort of narrative. This will help me work out where I’d like the more climatic, surreal sections of animation to fall. I am also keen to work on more transitions between sequences, since my previous animation was combined in a purely montaged manner. Though this worked for the context of the video, I did feel it came across as a bit lo-fi and simple, so I am excited to challenge myself further to create a more professional and polished finished product.

Thinking back to my last animating process from second year, I remember the pride and excitement I felt from working at least a couple hours every day on an animation clip to gradually chip away at the workload. Though I am aware that I am more active and alert with creative work at night, I know I would benefit from getting a small chunk of animating done in the day, each day, so that I can work on other tasks in the evening guilt-free and without internal pressure. Luckily I enjoy written work very much, so I can use this as my ‘down time’ from animation whilst still being productive.


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