Pre-Major Project Learning Agreement

Synopsis of study:

Inspired by my facial reconstructive surgery during the summer, I intend to use primarily moving image to explore the topics of recovery, growth and pain – with the hope to shine a positive light on my sometimes-traumatic recovery process. I am fascinated by the concept of self-portraiture and the ways in which I use myself as my own muse in my artwork.

I have been greatly influenced by the 1920’s surrealist filmmaker Man Ray who used a recurring muse throughout his abstract and bizarre films. Whereas in previous moving image work the compositions I have created have been fairly realistic and true-to-life, I now hope to challenge myself to create more unusual and imaginative sequences.

The Pre-Raphaelite era has always been my all-time favourite art period, and I am keen to use metaphors and motifs from their work to inspire my own practice. I am enjoying the increasing trends of this era currently appearing in fashion and modern art, for example photographer Alexandra Von Fuerst.

I will use my face and experiences as my own muse throughout, and explore effective metaphors to describe evolving emotions and atmosphere. I am excited to investigate the possibilities of documenting a changing face in a moving image context as I will be able to express movements and transitions not possible in a still image.

I will use hand-drawn animation assisted by videography in pre-production, and experiment with video effects in post-production to push my practice further to create an interesting and thought-provoking outcome. I hope to improve my animation and video editing skills greatly throughout this project with which I will be able to strengthen my portfolio and widen my opportunities after graduation. I am interested to experiment with varying levels of detail and line quality as well as colour schemes to better identify my personal style which will enable me to brand myself when it comes to the Professional Practice unit, and beyond.

I aim to create a series of animated sequences which I can continue working on during my Final Major Project that explore my recovery process.


A1: To provide further opportunities for extended independent study.

A2:   To encourage you to focus upon an individual project as a means of exploring and clarifying concerns for the remainder of your Level 6 studies.

A3:   To consolidate your ability to respond to the inter-relationship between theory and practice.

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this unit I will be able to:

LO1:   Demonstrate the ability to develop a sustained piece of independent creative work.

LO2:   Clarify theoretical and practical areas for exploration during the subsequent Major Project in relation to your self-development and vocational aspirations.

LO3:   Demonstrate your ability to develop creative work which responds to theoretical issues and questions.

Assessment Components:

Body of work to be identified through and in the negotiated Learning Agreement [100% (Tutor assessed)]


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