Third Year

This summer I underwent major facial reconstructive surgery. Aside from the obvious physical changes and struggles, I also had a lot of time during recovery to think about themes of transformation and standards of female beauty. I decided to document the recovery process through photography – since my energy levels were too low for drawing – and became fascinated with the vast daily changes in both the physicality and emotions on my face.

As I often use myself as my own muse in any portraiture I make, I became interested in the topic of the muse. I realised that the faces in my favourite Pre-Raphaelite paintings were of women I found looked similar to my ‘old face’, particularly Rossetti and Millais. Though these muses were the focal point of many compositions, I realised how invisible they really were as their bodies and faces were arranged to portray a particular story, but none of their own thoughts or personality is known until further research by the onlooker.

This is a selection of my favourite artists and photographers currently. They range from my all-time love of the Pre-Raphaelite artist Rossetti, to contemporary practitioners who I stumbled upon on Instagram.

My current working title for my Investigative Study is ‘Is the age of the female muse dying?’.

Though I’m not certain I will use animation as my final outcome media, I have enjoyed learning how to do it and will definitely continue to explore the media further this year and beyond. Tying in with this I’d also like to strengthen my video editing skills, as they were important points to improve on from my feedback from the second year animation unit.


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