Project Evaluation

I believe I made a successful final video and fulfilled my brief well. I remained organised and time efficient from start to finish, and above all thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of producing my artwork.

LO1 – Demonstrate your knowledge of new and evolving technologies for the illustrator in relation to your identified audience.

I chose to base and set my illustrations to a pre-existing poem as I wanted to bring fresh light to a personal event which has otherwise been mostly forgotten. I was keen to explore the emotions and connotations evoked by marrying spoken word and moving image, and learnt a lot about how to build tension and portray an atmosphere. When testing my video drafts in tutorials or showing my peers, the reception was always positive – “your work is relatable regardless of how personal it is to you … it makes you feel something on an emotional level”, (Wolstenholme, 2017).

I have observed that many successful illustrators retain a professional and unified style by restricting their colour palettes to their own signature colour combinations. With this in mind, I made sure to only use certain colours, as well as combinations of only two handmade textures used in various ways. This resulted in not only a successful narrative, but also a visually pleasing viewing experience for the audience.

LO2 – Demonstrate your practical application of traditional and technology skills in the creation of a screen-based presentation.

Since my usual drawing styles are fairly expressive, often using ink and watercolour washes, I was keen to translate this into my screen-based work. I believe I effectively kept my lively and figurative imagery whilst elevating my work to a modern and accessible platform. For the first time I challenged myself to not always rely on drawn sketches to create my images from and draw straight into Photoshop, in order to both strengthen my digital skills and speed up image production time.

My technology skills have improved immensely through the course of this project as I have been forced to find time efficient yet high quality methods of image production. As well as strengthening my Photoshop skills, I also learnt how to use Premiere, After Effects and Blender. In particular, I used previous learnt skills in using and creating textures to add my own unique touch to my moving images in an increasingly succinct. I have become more competent in creating and editing my own brushes to use throughout so that the line quality of my clips are unified.

I have always had an interested in making home videos of trips or events for myself, as well as photography, and made use of my growing skills in these areas to aid my creative process. Some of the animations I created used rotoscoping over videos I took to heighten the realism and readability of my images.

LO3 – Demonstrate the application of organisational skills and evidence of independent learning, critical evaluation and self-management through the development of your project.

The time plan I set myself at the beginning of my project gave me realistic and detailed deadlines in order to avoid a last-minute rush before the deadline. Though some tasks took more time than I had anticipated, I ended up with more footage than my spoken poem allowed for, which meant I had lots of leeway to make sure I had the best images and compositions to do the poem justice. I made sure to have plenty of material ready for my group tutorials and critiques so I received the maximum amount of critical feedback.

My independent learning has gone from strength to strength, as I have greater stamina and am finding it easier to work on my animations at least a few hours per day. This is partly due to my enjoyment of the animation process and a strong assertion of what I want my animations to look like.

I have always been able to critically evaluate my work as it progresses, and I feel I’ve always been looking ahead and

My Favourite Clips

My Least Successful Clips

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetI revisited the original written poem at the end of the project to help me reflect on the past few month’s work and I’m so happy I could do my father’s words justice. I really enjoy creating imagery based on text as with past projects, and I especially took to being able to use my imagination and memory to make personal imagery.

I believe I’m a huge step closer to being knowing what kind of work I like to produce and how I like to work.


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