Critique Feedback and Reflection

I’m really pleased with how my critique went and feel I got a lot of positive energy from the class and my tutors. I feel like I’m well on track for the deadline, and feel competent to make the necessary changes needed to create a professional looking video.

  • Find pictures of office building for reference (e.g. what type of interior, metal or wooden stairs)
  • Take out gun clip – too generic and sticks out against other more personal imagery
  • More clips concerned with height; stairwell, cliff tops, heightened scale (as would look to a small child), exaggerate size comparisons of toys
  • Monkey clip good – different and unusual. Acts like a stand in for falling child, relates to evolution, limp limbs like a falling child. Bring back again in another way.
  • Bars of banisters
  • Consider sound effects along with spoken word audio
  • Monkey backwards clip works well
  • Title, repeated voice and drawing at the start is too much. Can have ‘The Moment After’ and ‘written and spoken by Simon Crowcroft’ in credits at the end.
  • Take out clip of me – another unnecessary character

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