Drawing Masterclasses

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the drawing masterclasses with Sharon this term and hope they continue. I have attended a still life session and a life drawing session with a female model, both of which have been essential to my drawing skills development. The new ‘Crab Drawing Studio’ is a fantastic space to work in and I can’t wait for further sessions.

Still Life – 26th January

Unfortunately I was only able to attend the first half of the life drawing session due to prior engagements, but still enjoyed the workshop – particularly the continuous line drawing.

Life Drawing – 8th February

This was the first life drawing I’ve done with a completely nude female model. It was really great to practice proportions and measuring using a pencil. I especially enjoyed the final long drawings, in particular the foreshortened lying down poses. I hope to try this out further using the measuring method to strengthen the quality and realism of my drawings.

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