Artist Research – Patrick Atkins

Patrick Atkins is a freelance illustrator currently based in Bristol. I was stunned by his unique sequence [below] when I came across them on Pinterest as I’ve never seen wordless narratives with such dark tones throughout.  This three page sequence was drawn with inspiration from a poem ‘Darkness in Light’. He also uses mark making and delicate attention to tone detail to describe shapes and environment effectively.

Moth – this sequence is unusual as it follows two separate stories, with snapshots of ongoing life alongside the lifecycle of a moth; it is more focussed on metaphor and symbolism rather than straightforward storytelling. I also like the texture of the grainy white sections.

Vessel – this was a really interesting sequence with its abstract story and structure of a ouroboros, infinite timeline. He uses space really sensitively to reinforce the ‘out of this world’ atmosphere.

Atkins, P. (2015) Patrick Atkins Illustration. Available at: (Accessed: 18 January 2017).

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