Artist Research – Jon McNaught

Jon McNaught is a contemporary illustrator who has produced a large number of subtle and visually appealing narratives. They are often concerned with scenes of everyday situations and natural landscapes, using muted pinks and blues. He uses repetition and multiple frames to build his sequences, with interpretive narratives.

I came across an interesting interview with McNaught in which he discusses his new book, Dockwood, and his process. I was particularly interested in his comparison between framed narrative sequences and literary poetry.

‘I think there can be quite a similarity between the layout of a page of comic strip panels and a page of poetry; the way a comic often has to stick to a structure of 4 or 5 panels in a row repeated down a page, often with an emphasis on symmetry, or repetition and visual rhyming. It’s a careful stitching together of different elements to try to get across the sense of a moment in time or of a thought or feeling.’¹

Lewis, J. (2012) ‘An interview with Jon McNaught’, Caught by the River, 17 October. Available at: (Accessed: 16 January 2017).

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