Artist Research – Joe Kessler

Joe Kessler is a cartoonist who recently graduated from Camberwell College of Arts and Art Director of Breakdown Press comic publisher. I recently attended a talk when he visited AUB during the last unit and I really loved his ‘Windowpane’ comics. I’ve never been a huge fan of comic books, but was really drawn to the colour palettes and drawing styles throughout this series; I was such a fan of the books that I ordered two of them for myself, as well as giving one as a birthday present.

These are my favourite pages from ‘Windowpane’ and ‘Windowpane 2’ with my annotations captioned.

Even though a lot of the stories in these books contain words, they are a series of unique and interesting ideas portrayed through a variety of techniques and visual languages. They also play on readers’ expectations and predictions to introduce humour and wit into the narratives.

Best new purchases 📚 #breakdownpress #comics #illustration #art #present #windowpane #new #books #vsco

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