Narrative Workshops

Visual metaphor workshop with Pete Murgatroyd

I was a bit precious with images I was producing initially during this workshop, but the short amount of time we had to create images meant I had to be brave and go with the first idea that came into my head. I feel like I’m beginning to get more comfortable with my ‘style’ of drawing and am gaining confidence in making compositions from my imagination – something I used to really struggle with. I still need more practice in creating good visual metaphors in order to portray a story effectively, but I think I’m on the right track.

Movement workshop with Jonny PP Clapham

This first workshop was lots of fun and a great way to loosen up at the start of a new project. I would like to try these quick-fire exercises more often as it’s a good way for me to work fast on my feet and get my hands and brain working quickly together.

Narrative workshop with Salvatore Rubbino

I had a few successful images as result of this workshop, but I do intend to work into these further to make sure narrative reads the way I’d like. I used one of the texts I intended to use in my final narrative project and tried out an experiment I had in my head previously.

Adobe Illustrator workshop with Rob Flowers

Using Illustrator properly for the first time was a challenge, particularly as I’m so used to the shortcuts and colouring approaches in Photoshop.


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