Illustration London Trip

Shepherd’s Bookbinders

This artisan bookbinder’s shop just round the corner from Victoria train station was a goldmine for high quality papers and book binding materials.

The Folio Society

I was amazed by The Folio Society‘s small but impressive shop in Holborn with it’s floor-to-ceiling selection of titles varying from classic children’s books such as ‘The Wind In The Willows’, to historical texts such as ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I was inspired by the ornate decorations and gold embossed typography of many of the hardcovers and slip jackets.

Bloomsbury Square

Whilst in the Holborn area for a visit to The Folio Society I took a detour to Bloomsbury Square Gardens. The area is where the Bloomsbury Group’s name originated from, and it was amazing to potentially walk in the exact same spots that Woolf and her entourage did 100 years ago. The space was a great juxtaposition of large trees surrounded by impressive architecture, and was a great source of first hand inspiration for visual references of landscape drawings for London-based text ‘A Room of One’s Own’.



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