Interpreting Text Workshop with Salvatore Rubbino

This morning’s workshop included a discussion about methods and approaches to interpreting text, followed by a quick-fire task to create a book cover for a given novel passage. I chose the text ‘The Country Doctor’ by Franz Kafka, and spent the first half of the session quickly sketching any ideas that came to mind whilst reading the text.

franz-kafka-workshop-crowcroft-very-roughI was very rushed for time at the end of the session, so I had to quickly draw out a design, scan it, and edit it as best as I could in about 20 minutes. I’m not incredibly happy with it as the typography isn’t well made and the finish of the drawing is incredibly rough.

It was however useful to see how you can use Photoshop to create rough drafts of images as it is easy to move around text and composition, as well as change colour tones in one click.




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