Abstract Experiments

Though I’m aware the focus for this project is less on experimentation and process, and more on finished product and the publication process, I’ve still been keen to test out different styles of cover creation.

Salt effect experiment

I love using salt in paints as it’s an interesting and unpredictable way of creating texture. I also used masking tape to create a border over the top of the initial layer for a more focused in section in the centre.

I also used a small section of the painting to create a small image using a centre vertical mirror line that looks a bit like a ripple.

New gold ink

From inspiration whilst reading sections of ‘To The Lighthouse’, I used ink, gouache and watercolour to create a fluid wave shaped image. Whilst the paint was still wet, I went back into the piece with gold ink on my bamboo pen for some added detail. I would have added more, but I didn’t want to overuse the ink as it as I wanted to leave the metallic section as a special detail.

I used a palette knife to push the paint around the page; I usually only use this method when using thick paints such as acrylic and gouache, but I was surprised at how well this worked using a very watered-down watercolour mixture.

‘To The Lighthouse’

I created a test composition of a lighthouse using a photograph I had taken in Jersey at Corbiere Lighthouse whilst I was still at home.

I really like the grainy texture of the ink as it separates whilst drying and reacting with the watercolour.

Multicoloured Pond

Inspired by the pond scenery of Jersey’s Samares Manor, this painting used much more colours than I usually use, with white pen over the top. Because of the less limited palette, I think this experiment was the least successful, but it’s useful to see what colour combinations I do and don’t like.


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