Graphic Novels Workshop with Nic Rawlings

Had this graphic novel workshop been optional, I don’t think I would have signed up as I previously have never been interested or seen much merit in comics. However, the talk and workshop today with artist Nicholas Rawlings opened my eyes to how much detail and consideration for composition goes into creating an effective sequenced comic strip. The examples he showed of different types of framing using basic geometric shapes as a basis was fascinating, and has made me all the more aware of approaches to composition and framing in both comics I come across, as well as in illustrations and traditional paintings.

After the talk we were tasked to create a 7 frame comic strip of our own using a set text conversation and the framing tips we’d learnt during the presentation in the space of an hour. I was sceptical at first, but the short time span meant I had to use the first images that came to mind and roll with an idea straight away. To my surprise, some of the frames looked pretty good, despite being drawn in a quick, scrappy way, and my interpretation was even chosen to show the group! This has opened me up to a whole new genre of illustration I had previously dismissed and given me confidence to try out new drawing techniques.


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