Artist Research – Angus Hyland

ah-032-lead_0This abstract series for Woolf’s novel dust jackets was designed by British graphic designer Angus Hyland from Pentagon design consultancy.

The strong colours and expressive brushstrokes makes the covers really stand out, in addition to the smart, white spines which look great all together. I also like how they all have their own main colour, with coloured hard backs, which create a pleasing colour scheme.

As stated by writer Suzanne LaBarre for Co. Design on reviewing past takes on Woolf’s novels:

“How else to explain the insipid imagery that fronts so many of her books? Here’s Mrs. Dalloway illustrated by a pensive woman in pastels. Here’s To The Lighthouse illustrated by a pensive woman in pastels. And here’s A Room of One’s Own illustrated by—yep—a pensive woman in pastels. What a shame that the thought and imagination inside of Woolf’s books aren’t reflected on the outside.”

fea82aff78a917713ace5a33fcce879cLaBarre is spot on with this summary of many old Woolf novel covers, and it’s great to see an updated bold take on these classic titles.

LaBarre, S. (2012) Wanted: A Virginia Woolf series designed by Pentagram’s Angus Hyland. Available at: (Accessed: 30 September 2016).

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