Level 5 Manifesto

During our introduction for Level 5 we were asked to write a manifesto with aims for the coming year, and details of how we intend to achieve them.

This year I aim to…

  • Improve my digital skills
    • Take more time on Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
    • Ask for help from technicians if I get stuck at any point
  • Create successful final outcomes
    • Complete final outcomes early to allow time for refinement
    • Take more time on finish and quality – but no all-nighters!
    • Use high quality papers and printing for final products
  • Practice my drawing skills
    • Attend more life drawing classes
    • More observational drawing both on location and
    • Allow more time to draw out images carefully before colouring or moving onto the next thing
  • Consider audience more fully
    • Research habits of my target audience in each particular topic
    • Decide on audience right at the beginning so all work is relevant and focused to particular group of people

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