Commission – Fig Tree Yarns Photography

Over the summer I did a few more shoots for the Jersey-based artisan yarn supplier Fig Tree Yarns.

For the first time in my amateur photography experience, I was required to photograph a model I had not met before. This was nerve-wracking at first as I am used to being able to freely request specific positions or facial expressions from immediate family members or friends, so to begin with I felt like I was ‘ordering around’ Lizzie. However, soon we both became more comfortable and it became natural to capture the shots I needed for this shoot.

The extra challenge here was capturing garments that were being worn instead of lying on sand or rocks, making me consider more variables such as angles and backgrounds to make sure the full garment can be seen in its full potential.

A barrier I had to overcome was my tendency to focus more so on the girl’s face instead of the actual knitting I was required to photograph as my love for portraiture photography came through. Nevertheless, as I made sure to take multiple shots of every piece, I believe the results are both informative and atheistically pleasing.

I also did a few shots of both skeins of yarn and knitted up shawls. I believe I’m getting stronger each time I do these as I’m ever more aware of what backgrounds and compositions make for a rustic, authentic feel.


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