New Project Begins

Looking through the list of various authors and singular texts, I felt that a series of Virginia Woolf was my favourite choice.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Luckily for me, my father is a huge novel collector as he is an ex-English teacher and academic so has most of Woolf’s novels, essays and author authors’ critical essays on her work.

In addition, the books are from varying publication dates so has lots of different styles and compositions of book covers. It’s really interesting to see the progression in trends of book covers ranging from edge-to-edge of the title page landscapes, to expressive portraiture, to minimalistic monochromatic forms.

IMG_5272These two books are from a series of Woolf’s novels published by ‘Vintage Classics’ around 2008 have a simple minimal style with a repeated silhouette motif of Wool’s portrait. I like this idea of keeping the same composition with limited colour palette and a simple focus pattern relating to the plot.

As with all past projects, I made a mood board on Pinterest to get a feel for the different styles used for Woolf’s novels, as well as gathering photographs of Woolf herself in case I use her portrait in my own designs.



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