Commission – Fig Tree Yarns Advert

Using my photos from past and present photoshoots, I was requested to create a small banner size advert for Fig Tree Yarns to appear in this year’s Yarndale festival brochure. I only had a couple of hours to design the advert, and as this was a completely new task for me I was pushed to come up with a professional, slick composition despite minimal graphic design practice.

I started with playing around with different compositions with a variation of my favourite landscape shots.

After discussing with my commissioner, I started refining the chosen combination of font and background image.

After tweaking of the words and positioning I sent off the final design. I added a shadowed text behind the centre passage and website to make the writing more legible, as the font and background are both quite busy.

Corrected final

Unfortunately the logo isn’t as clean as I would have liked, but I was restricted to work from a single small image to make transparent myself. However, I am mostly happy with my first attempt at creating a commercial advert, and it has been fun to get the experience of working to a fast-pace live brief.


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