Pick Me Up Festival

As I felt uncomfortable with going on the university-led trip to the Somerset House Pick Me Up festival as it was so close to the final hand in, I decided to take the trip under my own steam with my fellow illustrator coursemate. The show was really different to other exhibitions I had been to as it showcased lots of new contemporary artists I had never heard of.

These were my favourite artists at the show…

George Douglas had a really interesting take on collage, with limited but bright colours juxtaposed with strange shapes made from black and white images.

Alice Bowsher’s prints were really simple but effective as they played with different uses of space and composition with playful imagery.

Aart Jan Venema had a really fun and energetic style to their pieces as the busy picture leads your eye around the page.

Rachel Lillie had the most eye-catching set up for me as she used different sizes of images, as well as natural 3D objects to add to the atmosphere of the pieces. The mark-making is really effective, and though some compositions lack depth-of-field, they have a really nice feel.

Camilla Perkins had a colourful display of prints, with a great juxtaposition of busy patterns with a vibrant palette. I’m definitely going to keep track of this young artist and I’m keen to see what the rest of her work is like.

They also had a print workshop with Peso Print where you could choose your own screen printed background and gold letters or words of choice. Though mine got a bit battered whilst travelling around London, it’s a really good souvenir to keep and it was really interesting to watch the printing process.

Here some other photos of London that I took on my trip… (check out my Instagram page for more photos of my trip and other work)

Bank holiday adventure 🚇 #train #sketchbook #drawing #London #travel #trip #illustration #vsco

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