End of Unit Evaluation

Though this project was as stressful as others, I found it the most enjoyable as I got the chance to try out new forms and ways of working in a fun, experimental way. I also learnt a lot about how to use Photoshop, and gained more skills in paper cutting.

I feel like I’m improving on my time management skills as I made sure I wasn’t in a rush on the morning of hand in, as well as allowing myself to not rush too much on tasks such as net cutting and scoring to keep my work neat.

LO1    Relate your own practice to wider aesthetic, moral, ethical and social concerns by demonstrating a broad contextual awareness when exploring the functions of illustration

Throughout this year I’ve become increasingly aware of the artistic trends around me in contemporary art, in particular the use of heavily textural motifs with minimal linework around shapes. I tested out this method of working for my patterns and really like how it looks, and I can see why this fashion is so popular currently.

There is also a desire to introduce retro music, fashion and imagery back into the 21st century, whether it be the trend of ‘hippies’ in young teens or the need for adults to be reminded of their youth. As someone who loves these eccentric old ‘future’ films I wanted to create a fun and beautiful way of rebranding some old classics into an alternative format to standard DVD box sets we already own.

LO2    Manifest and present your ideas utilizing appropriate techniques and media in relation to the potential development of your practice as an illustrator.

I feel like I used the appropriate media and techniques for my pieces as I combined analogue media, mixed media painting and drawing, with digital media, Photoshop manipulation, to create my designs. This mirrors the retro-futuristic style of the films I chose to use, as they show creative predictions of the future whilst being limited to the trends and fashions of when they were filmed. It also allowed me to elevate my patterns to new compositions and colour combinations I would not have been able to achieve through only one type of media. I’m becoming more and more competent in accessing the full potential of my pattern invention and digital skills, and am looking forward to continuing on the skills I have learnt further to improve my artistic practice.

LO3    Demonstrate your understanding of relevant critical and contextual theories and themes and how they relate to professional practice

I’m passionate about research and discovering new practitioners, and this project has been no exception. I have delved into a whole new world of abstract painters and visual artists I had previously not seen merit in, as someone who grew up with an eye only for traditional drawings and Pre-Raphaelite paintings.

You can see more reference photos and inspiration on my Pinterest page below…

If I were to remake my final pieces I would…

  • Print the patterns smaller so more detail can be seen on the items
  • Use the glow-in-the-dark paint to mix in with the silver ink for the film titles
  • Find a neater way of doing the text – by printing onto the patterns using screen printing or digital printing
  • Use a higher quality of paper, or try different types of paper to construct the pieces

If I were to do the project again I would…

  • Decide on solid concept for final piece function at the very beginning of the project
  • More drawing outside of the sketchbook – both larger pieces and life drawing
  • Finish final designs earlier to leave more time for playing with packaging designs
  • Keep more extensive notes of my progress and thought process – make weekly evaluations and day-to-day plans for the following week
  • Plan further ahead to leave myself time for extra additions – eg. stickers, other net designs
  • Attend more optional tutorials to keep me on track and help improve my work

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