Back to the Future Part II

This pattern set is my favourite, probably partly because they belong to my favourite film so I was able to achieve the exact design I imagined straight away.

The main motif of the pattern is the Delorian car which is present throughout all three films, but is particularly prominent in the second installment as it is converted to be able to fly – this is why I chose not to include wheels on the car shapes.

The smaller motif in the shape of the letter ‘Y’ represents the ‘flux capacitor’ which makes time travel possible.

Though this is my favourite design, it is the least varied in terms of composition as the repeat pattern remains mostly the same, with varying opacities of texture layers on top. I chose to do this as I was really happy at how the pattern turned out, and it didn’t require as much experimentation as I had such a strong vision of what I wanted the pattern to look like.

I really enjoyed playing with the different filters of layers, and I especially like how the rusty, brown colours blend well with the blue. It also gives it a more industrial and worn look which I think adds a different feel to the composition.


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