Screen Printing Workshop with Erica Donovan

I had quite a lot of experience with screen printing last year in Foundation, but it was really useful to get practice at making a screen from scratch. I used a few images from my sketchbook for my stencils with the intention of improvising my compositions on paper.

I then mixed my own colours to try to keep with my retro-themed colour palette. I had no idea this was so easy to do!

My screen was quite full but I’m getting used to the process of blocking out areas to print selective images. I also went back into one of the planet/circle pieces with more emulsion paint to fill in a section to make layered printing more easy.

These were all of the final prints I came out with. Some of these I will keep as they are, and others I will use in collages and incorporated into digital designs. I experimented with combining my colours, as well as trying out different types of paper to print on. It was really interesting to see how the ink printed onto each surface; I particularly liked the look of the print onto tracing paper.

Motifs marbled with a blend of my colours.

IMG_3037The next time I create a screen I’d really like to be more experimental in my colour layering, in particular with using different types of halftones to create more depth than just a single toned flat image.

(Erica’s prints showing different types of bitmapping to incorporate ‘grey’ tones.)


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