Commission – Fig Tree Yarns photography

I was commissioned this month to take photos for the Jersey-based company Fig Tree Yarns of both singular skeins of yarn and knitted articles of clothing. Most of their existing images on their website were also taken by me as the owner, Imogen Nicholls, is a member of my extended family, and I’ve also really enjoyed taking part of a unique project. I’ve gotten used to the style of images that are on trend for this genre of commercial photography, and it’s been a good practise of both my photography skills and use of colour and composition.

Jersey is an ideal place for photography for any theme or genre as it has a variation of landscapes which are easily accessible due to the small size of the island. In usual circumstances I would have taken this new set of photographs in Jersey as well, but as these needed to be done before I’m able to come home from university they were sent over to me. Luckily living so close to the beach still I was able to replicate the natural, rustic atmosphere present in the rest of the photographs.

On the first shoot day I had a large number of different types of pieces to photographs in different colours, ranging from scarves to baby cardigans. My favourite places for composing photos were on the groynes of the beach, and amongst the colourful beach huts along the bay.

The second shoot day was only for a few pieces which were missed out from my last delivery. It was a much quicker shoot as I already knew the best places for photos, and what camera angles best suit the landscape.

These are a few of my past commissioned photographs for other seasons.




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