Research – Back to the Future Part II (1989)

When thinking of the idea of retro-futuristic style I instantly thought of my favourite film trilogy Back to the Future, in particular the second film, in which the protagonist travels to the 2015 future. As the film was created in 1989, the film’s imaginative and depiction of the future is lighthearted in a retro style with flying cars, hover boards and advanced fashion technology.

The film is strongly led by the lead character Marty McFly, (Michael J. Fox), who was the epitome of the stereotypical 80’s teen, focussed primarily on rock music and girlfriends. The audience is swept along the adventure through time with the co-star Dr. Emmett Brown, (Christopher Lloyd), as they travel to the year 2015 to amend Marty’s future family’s mishaps.

Throughout the film there are hints of various social and political circumstances which were inspired by current events of the 80s, such as the inclusion of pop singers, films and political figures which are poked fun at in a light-hearted way. The predictions of the future are amusing, but even moreso now that the date the pair reached in the future, 21st October 2015, has been and gone. Though the predictions were deliberately overly ambitious, it’s interesting to see how close some prophecies are to now, such as the technical advances of creating prototypes of hoverboards, holograms and even self-tying shoes.


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