Wordless Narrative Workshop

In today’s workshop we had a talk from Maria Middtun about wordless narrative followed by making our own narratives using found objects. I brought in different types of ribbon to work with, and decided to go straight into drawing instead of planning first in order to rely more on visual thinking rather than words.


Once I had drawn out a rough idea I coloured in the background with rough mark-making in pencil, trying to make the tones fade towards the end of the storyboard to put more emphasis on the zooming into the ribbon.

I wanted to add a bit of colour/texture to the growing ‘planet’ on the bottom row of the storyboard, but I was hesitant to go straight into the drawing as I don’t want to ruin what I have made. I decided the best method would be to scan in the image and colour in using Photoshop, which meant I could try out the idea without risking the original drawing. I found a swatch of silver fabric on Google and simply filled this into the circle as a patter, using the ‘random pattern’ tool in the last frame to vary the texture.




This was the final result after slight changes in levels, and silver fabric added to the ‘planet’.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg


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