Project Evaluation

It’s been safe to say that, surprisingly, this has been the most stressful project I have made. Whether it be down to bad planning or just plain bad luck, I’m frustrated that I didn’t achieve what I wanted to, especially after my successful project in the unit before.

After a solid four days of trying to get my book printed and bounded, I have come out with no physical version of my publication. It’s been incredibly frustrating not being able to have a solid copy of the book, but luckily the online version works really well. Another benefit of having the online version is that now that many youngsters have access to a tablet and the internet, I’m sure online children’s books will become increasingly popular.

Time Management

Though I have improved a great deal in managing my time efficiently, especially now I’m in a comfortable and workable living environment, I still lack foresight in my week planning. I had originally aimed to be finished before the Amsterdam trip in reading week to save myself worry over the trip and allow myself some breathing space over the following week. This however did not turn out well as I was not realistic in my goals for completing work before the trip, and underestimated the amount of work that was left to be done upon my return to the UK. The main and one of the few benefits to come out of this project has been a greater awareness of my own stress and work tolerance in a day, as this has been a real test on my endurance to keep trying to come out with some sort of finished product. I also have promised myself not to get into the state of panic I did this time around as it starts to make the art a chore – something I never want to feel about a subject I’m so fond of.


An unusual occurance for me this month has been my frustrations and issues with technology – InDesign and printers in particular. After many saved versions of books and at least £15 of printing credit wasted, I seemed to have been set back to square one with every attempt to print my book. This was especially annoying as I had such a clear view of how the book was going to be bound and look at the end, as I’m quite good at picturing end products in my head once I’ve desired on an idea.


A big benefit for this project is that it allowed me to indulge myself in research, which I believe I did so in a fairly rounded and rigorous way. I allowed myself more time to look more thoroughly into artists and authors from past learnt lessons, and am pleased that I have discovered new practitioners to learn more about further after this unit. I particularly enjoyed selfishly indulging myself in the books written by my grandfather as he died before I was born so it was great to take the time to learn more about him and his work.


I thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck into essay writing again, as it’s always been a skill of mine throughout school and it’s been great to get back into the practice of writing. Though it may not be my best piece of writing, I really enjoyed having something so systematic and straightforward to contrast to my often unplanned and varying styles of artwork.

Next project goals:

  • Time plan from day one and set weekly goals to achieve.
  • Research broader forms of media for a more varied source of theme interpretation (film, animation, more books!).
  • Write more critically about practitioners – don’t be afraid to say why you don’t like someone’s work.
  • Be kinder to myself – reward hard work with rest, good food and friends.

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