Bibliography – Visual Thinking Project

(2015) BBC Wildlife (December), .

Abraham Cruzvillegas (2015) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 29 December 2015). “the history of mankind is based on movement, transformation, hope [but] owning a piece of land that is yours and for your family is the main hope of everybody – having a shelter, having a piece of land. This idea of hope is one that I’m dealing with in this work for the Turbine Hall.” (Abraham Cruzvillegas, 2015)

American Friends of Durrell (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 19 February 2016).
Arday, D. and profile, V. my complete (2012) The informed illustrator. Available at: (Accessed: 24 January 2016).
“In the early 20th century abstraction began to weave its way into illustration, particularly illustration produced for advertising. The simplicity and immediacy of abstract illustrations, and their bold inventive style began worked very effectively to deliver promotional messages to mass audiences, which responded well to an abstract aesthetic. Abstractly illustrated advertisements and announcements were distinctly effective at drawing a viewer’s attention and reinforcing their retention.” (Arday and profile, 2012)
Art in the wild (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 18 February 2016).
“Many of the things he had drawn were so accurate that he might well have been with me in Africa, peering over my shoulder at the things I saw.” (Art in the wild, 2015)
BBC (2016) Timeshift, series 13: 4. A day at the zoo. Available at: (Accessed: 18 January 2016). “Documentary telling the story of how zoos captured the British public’s imagination – from the first in Regent’s Park to Gerald Durrell’s conservation ark, which became Jersey Zoo.”(BBC, 2016)
Bager, B. (1967) Nature as Designer: A Botanical Art Study. Great Britain: Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd. .

Baker, C. (no date) Charming baker — fine art. Available at: (Accessed: 14 January 2016).

“Baker is also known to purposefully damage his delicate painting, including drilling, cutting and occasionally shooting them with a shotgun, intentionally and inadvertently putting to question the preciousness of art, and adding to the emotive charge of the work he produces.” (Baker, no date)

“Baker’s work explores well-trodden and intrinsically linked themes; life, love, death, terror, joy, despair… with an underlying reference to the classics and a dark humour.” (Baker, no date)

Book, I. (2014) Visual poetry. Spain: Index Book.
Botanic gardens conservation international (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016). “So why can’t this job be done using photography? Although photography and perhaps particularly microscopic photography, may help inform botanical work, there is certainly still a need for botanical illustration because it can represent clearly what may not easily be seen in a photograph.” (Botanic gardens conservation international, no date)
“The main goal of botanical illustration is not art, but scientific accuracy. It must portray a plant with the precision and level of detail for it to be recognized and distinguished from another species.” (Botanic gardens conservation international, no date)
CS conservation (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 17 January 2016).
Carle, E. (no date) The official Eric Carle web site. Available at: (Accessed: 26 January 2016).
Crowcroft, P. (1973) Mice all over. Brookfield, IL: Chicago Zoological Society.
Crowcroft, P., Millen, H., La France, L. and Morrison, R. (1978) The zoo. Milson’s Point, N.S.W.: Mathews/Hutchinson.
“in some recent children’s books there is an expression of concern for the conservation of endangered species”(Crowcroft et al., 1978, p. 15)
Crowcroft, P. and Park, T. (1990) Elton’s ecologists: A history of the bureau of animal population. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
Crowcroft, W.P., Lidicker, W.Z., Pucek, Z., Stein, G.H.W., Zimmermann, K., Crowcroft, P. and Dehnel, A. (1997) William Peter Crowcroft Obituary. Available at: (Accessed: 16 December 2015).
Dalton, A. (2010) Panama Canal, Corals & cultures: A wildlife & cultural expedition linking Two oceans. Available at: (Accessed: 11 January 2016).
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Durrell, G. (1964) Menagerie Manor. Edited by Ralph Thompson. 1st edn. Soho Square London: Rupert Hart-Davis.
Durrell, G. and Durrell, L. (1982) The amateur naturalist: A practical guide to the natural world. London: Hamish Hamilton.
Durrell wildlife conservation trust | home (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 16 December 2015).
Flying Eye Books (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
Ghosts of Gone Birds (2014) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
“breathing life back into the birds we have lost – so we don’t lose anymore.” (Ghosts of Gone Birds, 2014)
Hall, A. (2016) Inside the world’s worst zoo where animals have been left to rot. Available at: (Accessed: 19 January 2016).
Heine, B. (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
“I wasn’t satisfied with only drawing or only photography, so I had to find a way to merge the two and this is how Pencil Vs Camera was born.” (Heine, no date)
Howells, D.A. (2014) ‘How does cross disciplinary exchange influence interpretation of the Natural History illustrator?’, VaroomLab Journal Interpretation, (3), pp. 19–33.
Hughes, E. (no date) EMILY M HUGHES. Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
“I write what I write because explaining something in 32 pages for a child helps instil lessons I want to better understand and practice myself.” (Hughes, no date)
Judah, H. (2015) Abraham Cruzvillegas set to dig deep into the national consciousness with his earthy installation in the Tate’s turbine hall. Available at: (Accessed: 29 December 2015).
Knight, N., Knapp, S., Saville, P. and Barnes, P. (2000) Flora. United Kingdom: Schirmer/Mosel.
Kunstformen der Natur (2015) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 27 January 2016).
Luke Lin, C. (no date) Caleb Luke Lin. Available at: (Accessed: 17 January 2016).
Messaris, P. (1994) Visual ‘literacy’: Image, mind, and reality. Boulder, CO: Westview Press.
“How is it that pictures … can conjure up a world of almost palpable objects and events despite the many differences between the appearance of the real world and the appearance of any kind of picture, no matter how realistic?”(Messaris, 1994, p. 2)
Poingdestre, E. (no date) Emily Poingdestre Illustration. Available at: (Accessed: 17 January 2016).
Pundir, N. (2007) Fashion technology today and tomorrow 1st edition. New Delhi: Mittal Publications.
“Trends signal the emerging needs, wants, and aspirations of the consumer” (Pundir, 2007, p. 256)
RAC (2012) Ai Weiwei | exhibition | royal academy of arts. Available at: (Accessed: 12 December 2015).

Robert Falcon Scott (2016) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).

“he set a new southern record by marching to latitude 82°S and discovered the Polar Plateau” (Robert Falcon Scott, 2016)
“English Royal Navy officer and explorer who led two expeditions to the Antarctic regions” (Robert Falcon Scott, 2016)
Saving the mountain chicken » global crisis (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 2 February 2016). “It is believed that over 120 amphibian species have become extinct since 1980.” (Saving the mountain chicken » global crisis, no date)
Scott, D. (no date) Dafila Scott: Artist. Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
“Most of my work is inspired by wildlife, figures and landscapes. It features animals or places with which I have become familiar. It includes both figurative wildlife paintings and abstract landscapes inspired by visits to Wales, the Kalahari and Antarctica. However, I’m equally happy to gain inspiration at home in the garden or on the surrounding fenland.” (Scott, no date)
Scott, L. (2015) Illustrator as activist: Conservation of endangered species and the role of the illustrator. Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
Scott Polar research institute, Cambridge » Dafila Scott (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
Simryn Gill (no date) Available at: (Accessed: 29 December 2015).
“These surreal combinations invoke the links between humankind and the plant world, and more broadly the relationship between culture and nature.” (Simryn Gill, no date)
The natural eye 2015 | mall galleries | 2015-10-29 00: 00: 00 to 2015-11-08 00: 00: 00 (2015) Available at: (Accessed: 13 January 2016).
“The different approaches to the subject ensures a delightful mix of the detailed to the more abstract in many different media including oils, watercolours, pastels, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.” (The natural eye 2015 | mall galleries | 2015-10-29 00: 00: 00 to 2015-11-08 00: 00: 00, 2015)
“The Natural Eye, the annual exhibition of the Society of Wildlife Artists, shows the very best of art inspired by the natural world.” (The natural eye 2015 | mall galleries | 2015-10-29 00: 00: 00 to 2015-11-08 00: 00: 00, 2015)
WWF (2014) Available at: (Accessed: 19 February 2016).
“people living in harmony with nature” (WWF, 2014)
Welling, E. (2014) A marriage of philosophy and music: A pianist’s view. Available at: (Accessed: 18 February 2016).
“Art…is the most immediate form of knowledge.” (Welling, 2014, p. 784)

Zweifel, F.W. (1988) A handbook of biological illustration. 2nd edn. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

“Illustrations cross language barriers. They not only clarify and augment the text but can reduce the number of words needed.” (Zweifel, 1988, p. xiii)
“A scientific illustration is the next best thing to holding a specimen in your hand and examining it.” (Zweifel, 1988, p. xiii)


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