Frog Patterns

Keen to get some primary research in my sketchbook, I created a black ink and yellow-toned oil pastels to recreate the face of the Mountain Chicken frog, using reference photographs online. I used a dip pen to create scratchy cross-hatching in an attempt to evoke texture in a tactile way.

I then made two different pieces of texture using a mixture of white gouache, watercolour and oil pastels. I love the combination of wet and dry medias, and tried to keep the colours fairly vibrant and exaggerated for a more interesting skin texture of the frog.

After scanning my images, I brought the texture behind the linework and neatened off the edges to look like the pattern is the frog skin. For one of the images, I played with colour overlays on the linework and changed it to a pinky brown colour.

The change of the lines from black to pink led to play further with adjusting hues of the outline. With this I then made a pattern – though the pattern doesn’t have the best composition or positioning of the faces, I really like the feel of the colours and will definitely experiment with patterns further.

New patterns to try out…





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