Research – Durrell Wildlife

My first trip to Durrell Wildlife was really enjoyable and beneficial for the illustration side of the brief. It’s a shame there isn’t such a well-designed zoo nearby in the UK, especially one that spends so much time and resources on conservation, so I made the most of my limited time in Jersey.

For this initial visit I prioritised photography using my Canon 1100D DSLR, only using my 50ml lens, which allowed me to really focus in on particular textures and shapes of the animals. This was partially limiting as it meant I was not able to zoom in on the farther away wildlife, but lucky the park has plenty of opportunities to get really close to the enclosures.

As well as animals, I believe that the plants and vegetation in which the creatures inhabit is just as important to document. As many of the species originate from different types of habitats there was a wide range of grasses and greenery available to study up close.

I’m looking forward to continue to indulge my love of textural, layered mixed media to recreate these fauna, which will contrast nicely with more delicate technical drawings of the animals.

Growth 🌿 #zoo #moss #plants #hot #project #art #environment #conservation #macro #canon #photography #vsco

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