Research – ‘The Amateur Naturalist’

To kickstart my research I found the only Gerald Durrell book available in the library, ‘The Amateur Naturalist – A Practical Guide to the Natural World’ by Gerald Durrell with Lee Durrell, which was full of interesting uses of illustrations and photography.

The book begins with a outline of things to carry in your bag before setting out to explore, ‘the naturalist’s rucksack’, which is a really fun way of making a simple list more exciting and aesthetically pleasing.

Durrel - Amateur Naturalist

The different approaches to spot illustrations within pieces of text are really interesting and detailed, but I feel I could attempt to update and modernise some of the diagrams, or even make a comical parody of sections such as ‘how to catch a butterfly’.

My favourite pages in the book were the double page spreads of collections of plants, animals and other found objects from a range of different types of English environments. It’s a really simple but effective way of displaying natural objects, and could transfer well into drawings using coloured inks or watercolour.


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