Lo-fi Workshop

It was fun to revisit Mono-Printing, as it’s something I’ve had lots of experience with but it’s hard to do at home. As I’m not yet sure which style my illustrations are going to take, I made simple recurring leaf shapes as stencils and for drawing into the ink with. I also used the word ‘Durrell’ to play around with lettering, as the Jersey conservation park will be the catalyst to starting my research.

Annoyingly I forgot the basic rule to reverse the writing before printing, but luckily it’s easy to flip the print image on the computer.

Then we tried out a new method of printing for me which was marbled ink in water. I used cut out stencils of leaf shapes to remove colour where I wanted it which worked quite well.

My favourite thing about this method of printing is the unique quality to each print as each is a one-of-a-kind image.


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