Final Pieces and Evaluation

Finished at last! Though I’m really grateful for the extension, it has meant that this project seems to have gone on forever with no end in sight… My final pieces took much longer to create than I had expected, but I’m proud of myself for finishing them fully.
Knowing the method was going to be a success from my previous attempt, I created my first large ornament using variations of edits of my planets with a ‘mosaic’ type of filter to make the images look more abstract.

These turned out really well as the colours complement each other nicely, and gives a nice feeling of the sea, but I did not feel that this was enough for a final piece.

I created my final ornament using mixed media like in my previous experiments as I wanted the look to be more textured and tactile. These were much harder to make, especially with the smaller scale, so I varied the complexity for each of the 12 sides.

Though it’s easier to see in person, the ornament shows the mapped journey from my old to new home, with my planet photographs at opposite ends of the globe with a mixture of images in between. I like the fact that some of the sides, especially the ones with lots of layers, require the viewer to study it closely to work out what the image is. These are quite personal to me as the move from one world to another was a much bigger change than others in my year group, but I think they also work well without a backstory or given reason with the viewer drawing their own understanding of the work.

I’m always a perfectionist so I’m not completely happy with the way that this turned out, but the photos came out really well, and I’m pleased with myself for creating a 3D final outcome – something I’ve never done before.

If I were to do the project again, I would immerse myself in locational drawing days more to firm up my drawing skills. I’ve also learnt for future projects both at university and beyond to plan time ahead better so I was not cut short of time or felt rushed to finish. Ultimately, I’ve enjoyed the project thoroughly and realised the most important thing about my work process – do something that you enjoy.


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