Editorial Brief – Illuminating

This my first in the three 24-hour briefs given this week to complete, which was to illuminate an online article titled ‘Cosmic rays offer clue our universe could be a computer simulation‘. Though we are not required to fully understand the brief in order to create our illustrations, I really enjoyed reading and considering the concept of the writing piece.

Considering the time restraints, I decided the best method would be to create most of my illustration on Photoshop to put my new skills to practice. I first drew out the rough design I had in my head using ink, and made pans of colour using coloured pencils. The main concept I began with was having a sense of cosmic rays amongst red pills and

I then scanned in the images into Photoshop and used skills I learnt from the Hand Drawn Type Workshop to extract my shapes and lettering from the page.

Layering the colours was a bit tricky, but I really like the juxtaposition of the grainy pencil colours with crisp, digitally enhanced line work.

When I was enhancing the black linework I stumbled across some colour layering settings with which I created a ‘trippy’ colour distortion; I’m not a fan personally of this look, but I think it fitted in well with my brief and concept.

After a botch-job clean up of the lines, and turning the background black to emulate the idea of space, I was fairly happy with the final image.




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