Mixed Media Experiment Breakthrough

I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with lots of different types of media combinations in this project, as it’s open me up to lots of new possibilities within drawing and mark making. These were the main pieces of media experimentation that influenced the end product of the process.

texture214 1

This was my first ‘out there’ piece of experimentation, where I spread various media mixtures onto an A2 piece of paper, all of which reminded me of the sea and allowed them to bleed and merge into one another. I then tore up the paper into long strips, making sure to allow the white of the ‘badly’ torn paper to show like white horses on the waves, and layered them onto each other. I tried to make the sea get darker towards the horizon line, but I was not too disciplined with this plan as I predominantly¬†wanted to juxtapose textures.

An experiment using watercolour, pencil shavings, PVA glue and white gouache paint.

This was a really fun experiment – on a large piece of thick paper I layered watercolour, PVA glue, pencil sharpening (from blue colour pencils) and white gouache onto the page, without much consideration for form or context apart from creating a sense of the sea.

Here I used a mixture of different opacities and textures of media such as styrofoam, texturetissue paper, plastic and other wet materials to create small planets. I then sewed over the top with black thread making both words of ‘Jersey’ and ‘Home’ as well as patterns to recreate the shapes of the landscapes of Bournemouth and Jersey. I really enjoyed sewing as the long time required gives you space to really think about the shapes being formed – I’m definitely going to work with this process further in the future.

Though it doesn’t show up with scanning, I also layered over sheets of acetate in some of the circles in strategic places, which reminds me of the sea when it catches the light; the fact that this piece doesn’t translate well into digital is making me question how much of the final piece should be printed drawings, and how much should be analogue media.


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