Screen Printing Induction

Despite doing a print room induction last year during Foundation, I had to do another in depth induction. This time we learnt how to prepare the screens with emulsion, which we had previously been handed, allowing us to create our own prints from scratch without assistance to begin. These were my best images from last year [below] – we were given more time to work on our prints so these are a bit more complex than my images from today:

Without realising we were going to be provided with an image to work with, I turned my planets and hand-drawn lettering into black and white to prepare for screen printing stencils, which I remembered from last year; I did this really easily on Microsoft Word, (where my strengths are), instead of Photoshop! The tutor Preeti told me I was the only person out of the whole class to bring in an image to work with, “it shows you’re very intuitive”, which was really nice to hear.

Luckily for me not many people came to the session, so the small group of four meant I was able to have much more feedback and guidance from the tutor one-to-one. It was fascinating to see the full process of creating then removing images from the screen, as well as being a good refresher for everything I learnt last time.

These were the images I made using the stencil we were given, which also acts as instructions for future screen prints:

I then made a couple of prints with the rest of the time we were given with the same colours. I accidentally made a red/blue illusion on one of my images by offsetting the second colour. The shapes of the elements aren’t as strong as I had hoped, but in the future I’ll make sure I use a photocopy instead of print out, as a printer uses colours in its black ink, unlike a photocopier. I will also space out the words more so that the whole typography is clear.

I hope to use these further on Photoshop using the skills I learnt from the Hand Drawn Workshop last week, to overlay the planets onto other drawings and photographs.


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