Hand Drawn Type Workshop

In a desire to increase my Photoshop skills, I signed up for a Hand Drawn Type workshop with Jenni where we learnt how to convert wet media typography into a digital format. Though the techniques we learnt weren’t very advanced or time consuming, they were really crucial for me. As well as opening up possibilities with typography in my work, I was also shown faster and more efficient ways of layering and selecting elements of images. This is important, considering Merina Munn’s lecture where she explained how major it is to know how to quickly produce and edit images digitally in this current commercial climate.


I began by painting various words and shapes with ink. I liked the idea of basing the type and shapes on circles, as it seems I’ve adopted some kind of aesthetic theme of circular imagery. I’m keen to try our more media other than ink and see how it translates to Photoshop, especially with variations of opacities and comparing ‘neat’ and ‘messy’ types.

The colours of circles I layered behind the writing reminded me of my existing planets I previously created, and decided to layer one from home and one from Bournemouth behind the relevant dome.

My final image was very unexpected, but I think it turned out pretty well. Typography is usually an afterthought when considering final pieces for me, but I definitely need to consider this moreso going forward, especially with the importance of semiology in mind.



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