First Group Critique

I was really nervous for my first group critique, but it went much better than I expected and had a really relaxed, positive atmosphere. It was a good chance to get honest feedback from both tutors and my peers, though I was surprised at the lack of negative comments I received; I think the reason for this is the fact that unlike some of the others in my critique, I made sure to show the range of my different experiments in a variety of media and styles.

The feedback I received were as follows:

  • Planets are good! Play with elements, play with the centre, most important is in the middle. Turn planets into paintings, what has more chance? Then turn them back into planets, compare the processes.
  • Camera obscura, present through a lens
  • Myself in the middle, distort my face with the polar coordinates filter
  • Don’t focus on the book format yet, concentrate with playing with the planets idea further first
  • Get out of sketchbook, try 3D models, mobiles, paper craft, play with paper of different opacities – tissue paper, tracing paper

I’m really happy with my feedback and am excited to continue exploring the possibilities of my ideas.


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