Photoshop Panoramas into Planets

With the help of a really clear step by step online tutorial, I began my planets creation by transforming my panoramic photographs taken with my iPhone into 360° planets.

I used panoramas from Jersey, Sark and Bournemouth, as they all represent a different type of home for me. The images of sark turned out the best, and it was interesting to see how things like walls and rocks dramatically changed the shape and overall look of the planets.

I next moved onto two similar panoramas of Bournemouth pier and the south coast of Jersey. Because of the path that ran through both, the planets turned out to be very similar, and showed a link between my two homes.

My next step was to Photoshop my panoramic drawings into planets using the same method. I did a quick watercolour painting of a panorama of Bournemouth pier using simpler blocks of colour and shapes.

I then turned it into a planet using the same method, but changing the angle of another version so the centre of the planet is the sky. It was really interesting to see these translated onto an analogue media, though I’m not sure I like the overall look.


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