My First Tutorial

I was really nervous for my first tutorial of the year as it’s the first impression I’ll make on my tutors of both my work and my personality.

Drawing and Ideas Feedback
• I have good formal ideas, just needs a theme to tie together thoughts and give myself an angle to approach drawings
• One day in Bournemouth vs one night in Bournemouth; record photographs and drawings on a night out
• Good sense of colour; prepare colours on the palette before painting, don’t always use colours straight out of the pan; vary tones of colour
• Vary time taken on each observational drawing to change amount of depth and structure
• Keep experimenting with less line work, try out more block colour approaches
• Positive vs negative space drawings

Sketchbook Feedback
• Don’t have to fill every space; isolate separate drawings
• Draw on one side of the page; drawings are for future use to possibly scan so keep pages clean; stops media from transferring across to other side of the page
• Keep notes and drawings separate to allow drawings space and not cut into composition
• Think in a professional mind-set; your sketchbook is just for you to develop your ideas and styles

Other advice
• Set goals for the week and stick to a timeframe – this can be thinking time as well as drawing and development time
• Research doesn’t have to all be in sketchbook; pin useful research onto a board to keep in front of you whilst you work


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