Artist Research – Lauren Radley

(Also in sketchbook)

Lauren Radley is a recently graduated illustrator from Kingston University, currently based in Jersey. Amongst her other commissioned pieces, a lot of her illustrations involve maps in a playful, colourful way. Though not all the landmarks are not necessarily geographically correct, there is still a good sense of space and location. Her unique style is also enhanced by her limited but complementary palette. It has the same naive and innocent atmosphere I may wish to experiment with replicating within my own work.

This piece based on the East coast of Jersey shows the various event sites for The Brancage Film Festival 2014

This map of Jersey called ‘My Jersey’ has a personal feel which includes symbols and images important to her about the island. As well as landmarks, she combines decorative shapes like the waves to show the sunny seaside nature of the place.


These types of maps she designs seem almost like collages, with the juxtaposition of buildings and figures, and the birdseye view contrasted with the flat side – this makes the perspective much more interesting and energetic.



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