The Russell-Cotes Museum

My parents had raved about the Russell-Cotes Museum from their last visit, so I was pleased to see that we had been timetabled to see the museum with the class. Instead of bringing my normal sketchbook, I brought a smaller observational sketchbook which was much easier to use on the go. I also enjoyed having a change in scale to work with as it allowed me to easily fill the page if I chose to.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

I was happy with how a lot of my observational drawings turned out – apart from the one which said ‘Why can’t I draw today?’ after I was frustrated with the face of the statue. I found myself concentrating on marble statues and paintings of the Pre-Raphaelite era as they are my favourite paintings.







I also took some photographs of the architecture, which I later turned into a colour pencil drawing. I used a limited number of colours in a fairly soft manner. The perspective was quite tricky as the building had an awkwardly shaped building, but I think it shows the height and shape of the room fairly well. This is quite a different style to the rest of my current experiments, as I was keen to do at least one drawing rooted from my comfort zone of careful and planned pencil drawing from a photograph



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