The Map Project Begins

I’m really excited about the prospect of this project as it is so heavily focussed on drawing practise and finding our style – which is exactly what I was hoping for during the first year of this course.

To make sure I keep my work exciting and interesting, I need to make sure I keep my experiments as spontaneous as possible with an open mind as I have found some of my most successful pieces started off with little plan on a final outcome or approach. I also need to feel comfortable with keeping work that does not work, as it’s important for me to keep a visual track of my progression as it (hopefully!) improves.

I’m excited to widen my knowledge of both contemporary and historical practitioners, and am keen to make full use of the wide range of resources available to me – especially those of which are not on the computer.

I’m hoping that the pieces I produce from this project and the many to come will build a varied and unique portfolio of work to help propel me to whichever discipline I decide to pursue, whether it be illustration, animation or something inbetween.


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