Research – All In Ambit books

(Research photocopy pages in research folder)

All In Ambit are a series of books with poems and short stories written under a variation of different topics; illustrators then create compositions influenced by or based on some of the passages. I only have a few of the books, which are unfortunately mostly in black and white, but even these contains lots of different styles and approaches to drawing.

All In Ambit 165

Architecture from Verona, hatching Ron Sandford’s ‘North Italian Drawing Book’ – Pgs 80-81. I love the style of these simple yet intricate line drawings. The different sections of hatching and stripes looks almost like patchwork, and the small scale of the markings makes the buildings look larger scaled.

All In Ambit 187

Black scribbly, many drawings, weird faces by David Winthrop’s ‘Little Black Book’ – Pgs 66-69. Though I’m not a fan of the content of this drawing, I like how busy and dense the linework is. The composition is primarily pattern-based, and has a great sense of depth despite the lack of tone. I’d like to allow myself time to draw such a detailed drawing as this at some point, though not until I’ve explored more expressive, loose mediums first.



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