A Fresh Start

The move from Jersey to Bournemouth is never a smooth transition, but I’ve definitely noticed it getting easier each time I make the trip. Though it’s only a small expanse of water dividing my new and old home, the few hours on the ferry feels like days, and the disappearing speck of my island looks smaller than it ever has before.

The difference between halls and shared house living is much greater than I had expected, as I’m greeting with open arms and a familiar face, instead of the blank expressions and rooms of the accommodation block from this time last year. I’m nervous over the changes in day-to-day life as I know it, and am anxious to make a good first impression.

I agonised over my self-portrait for a number of weeks, trialling different styles, media and concepts. After reviewing both my current physical and mental state, as well as my past artwork, I surrounded my ideas around the idea of a ‘work in progress’. As far as mentality goes, after big changes in my personal life I have desires to better my personality, and improve my work ethic to make sure I fulfil my potential for this year and beyond; physically, I have been in the process of major jaw correction work for most of my life, and the eventual operation to complete the procedure is looming. This combination puts me often in a living purgatory sense of my life, as I’m slowly try to amend and improve most parts of my person.

These two drawings are my most preferred media to use – watercolour and biro/fineliner – and each exhibit different skills I have in colour exploration and varieties in mark making. For my final portrait, I wished to marry these approaches to end with an outcome that represented ‘me’, at whatever unfinished state I am currently in.

My first attempt was not successful; the overplanning and careful execution ended up in a fairly ugly painting, without much likeness to me at all. I quickly started again with a new mindset.IMG_0280

My second attempt looked much more like me, and is a piece of work I’m really proud of. The looser lines and softer colour application makes the image more individual and full of energy.



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